Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Superpower vision - I has it

Bathroom Update: My husband, desirous of having his bathroom cleaning efforts last longer than normal, swished the toilet and wiped off the counters this weekend.

I don’t believe he is a Flylady convert - although wouldn’t that be nice! He’s really not the kind to get up and put his shoes on. Much less do his face.

In celebration of the renewed cleanliness of the bathroom, I did a thorough cleanout of the refrigerator. I don’t mean just chucking out enough leftovers to fit the newest batch of soon-to-be-chucked leftovers in. I mean taking everything off of the shelves, pulling them out and really getting them cleaned. Doesn’t happen often, but I thought some reciprocal cleaning of the science experiments (really, what else could they have been?) was due on my part.

Which makes me wonder something: WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SEE LEFTOVERS? Do I have some hitherto unknown super vision powers? If so, I really wish they would kick in during night driving. Damn unreliable powers.

But really, I cook a nice meal. Sometimes I plan on leftovers - silly, silly me - and sometimes they just happen. Either way, there is enough Tupperware and Rubbermaid, etc., to store them handily in the refrigerator. Where typically they sit until one of two things happen. Either I throw them away to fit the aforementioned new leftovers in or I take a night off of cooking duty and force everyone to eat them. Even that doesn’t always work. Last night my daughter made a peanut butter and banana sandwich rather than having to consume the apparently dreaded leftovers. And here I thought I made a pretty tasty spaghetti.

But if I’m not around to point out the availability of the leftovers? Um, Wendy’s is the first choice. Followed closely by Micky D’s. I’m really ready to try this method of leftover management.

Gotta be because the leftovers are invisible and only I can see them.

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