Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless (NOT) Wednesday

Took my new (well, a couple months old) camera to one of our local parks to try some digital portraiture. I have a wonderful medium format camera that I used for years to shoot weddings, family portraits and senior portraits - but no one wants to hire someone who is still so old fashioned as to use *gasp* film. So, I upgraded in February when we were getting ready to fly to Chicago to see our sailor girl graduate.

When I'm shooting senior portraits, I typically start out at Kathryn Albertson Park - a lovely natural park with lots of wetlands for nesting water fowl. And since the weather is getting nicer every day, the park was full of Canada geese guarding little flocks of goslings.

You have never seen anyone - human or animal - who can give a better stink eye than a Canada goose with little ones who thinks you are getting entirely too close for comfort. What do you mean, you don't know what stink eye is?

Take a gander (ha! goose joke!):

Give that goose a wiiiiide berth. Or else.