Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's raining cats and dog hair

Please, please, PLEASE be my friend!

We got a dog last August. Don’t ask me why. I mean, he’s a really nice dog. But the hair. THE HAIR! It’s been awhile since we had a dog and I had forgotten about the HAIR THAT GETS INTO EVERYTHING.

We already had two cats. Yes, they also shed. But not in anywhere near the magnitude of Gus.

I figured it would take awhile before Morton and Molly warmed up to Gus. Morton’s always been a big wimp, so I assumed he would take longer. My husband, the kids and I were taking bets on how long it would be before Molly was snuggling with Gus.

Could not have been any more wrong.

Morton immediately asserted his alpha male status. He has the hiss and whack down to a fine art. Whenever Gus gets too close he gives a warning hiss and then, if the warning goes unheeded, the lightning-fast whack. And this is no sissy whack. You can hear the sound of Morton’s paw hitting Gus from across the room.

Not Interested

And Gus, being a dog, just wants to be BFF. The hissing and whacking has not put any kind of damper on his efforts to play. He’ll crawl towards Morton, flat on his belly – really illustrating a phrase my husband has used for years: “Lower than a snake on snowshoes” – whining in absolutely the friendliest way he knows how. Whack, Whack, WHACK is the response from Morton. Does this dissuade Gus from further efforts to achieve BFF status? No. Because he’s a dog.

Molly just avoids him. Sometimes this means jumping up on the couch, walking across whoever is there and jumping down on the other side so she can get from the living room to the laundry room and cat box. She might have to come WITHIN A FOOT OF THE DOG if she walked across the floor.

Am I far enough from the floor
to avoid the DOG!?! I THINK NOT!

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