Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A thing that makes me cranky

We had a pretty fun weekend. Saw a movie on Friday (Sandra Bullock is adorable as always in "The Proposal"), volunteered at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival on Saturday ("The Mystery of Edwin Drood" was delightful) and nearly lost our hearing at the Heart/Journey concert on Sunday (the lead singer Journey found on You-Tube really does sound just like Steve Perry - I kid you not. Only with 100% more manic. Which is not a bad thing, just a thing that makes you wonder if he gets paid by the gallon of sweat he produces or something.).

Then last night I went with a friend to see the Indigo Girls perform at an outdoor venue. They were wonderful (I truly adore their harmonies).

The audience was another story. It seemed that my friend and I were just about the only folks there who came to see the concert. The vast majority of the audience acted as though the folks performing on the stage were merely background noise at a gathering in their back yards.

Here's a hint: If you actually have to shout to make yourself heard by the guy sitting in a lawn chair 2 feet from you? Shut the *%@& up. The folks you actually PAID to listen to are performing. And although you may enjoy throwing your money down a toilet, somebody else might actually have intended to listen to the concert they paid to hear.

I know, novel thought.

Just because there haven't been enough links on my blog lately, here's another one (and since I'm not going to yap, yap, yap AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS while you watch it, you can hear the lovely harmonies of the Indigo Girls - lucky you!):

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Laura said...

Uggh... people at concerts make me cranky. Well, actually people make me cranky, period. Now that I think about it, I'm cranky most the time.