Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

No, I didn't disappear. I've just been incredibly busy. Had a change of attorneys at my office so now I support two REALLY BUSY partners and one associate instead of one REALLY BUSY partner, one partner who didn't utilize me as much and one associate. Has kept me hoppin'. Then, my amazingly fabulous daughter sent me to Europe to visit all of our former exchange students (except the one currently residing in Australia - a little too out of the way!). So, travelogues and photos to follow. But I saw this today and wanted to share with whoever might have missed it (although with over 3 million views, that may not be too many!):

I think it's better than the original '80s version by Toto (and, I will admit it, I was a Toto fan way back then).


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