Thursday, June 12, 2008

As the scale turns

Holy cow! It looks like some folks have actually been checking in to see if there’s anything new here. And there’s been nothin’ but how many cannibals I can feed for over a week. Now, while that’s very helpful information for anyone who is looking to feed a bunch of cannibals, thought about traveling to Idaho to kidnap and cook me, and wanted to find out if it would be worth the effort, I guess it’s time I updated.

I’ve been avoiding discussing the whole Weight Watchers journey for awhile. Not only because I don’t want to turn this into some kind of food journal and description of every little bump in my journey (or giant mountain, as the case may be), but also because – well, I’ve been hiking up one of those giant mountains since I flew off to Colorado to visit my dad for the last time and it’s hard to admit it in writing for the world (*snort*) to see.

I’ve also been avoiding going to the meetings and getting on the scale so I don’t have to see either. Out of sight, out of mind, doncha know.

I've been eating pretty much whatever I want for the last six weeks, and I haven't been working out because of the arthritis in my left knee. It’s hard to work up any enthusiasm for climbing on the ol’ elliptical when it’s difficult to walk without limping. Never-you-mind that losing some weight might actually help diminish the pain. I’m not very logical when I’m cranky and hurting.

And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, thankyouverymuch. Yummmmm, cheeeese.

You can see what I’m dealing with.

Well, since I’ve paid in advance for this session of the Weight Watchers at Work meetings, I decided it was time that I drag myself to the conference room for the weekly torture and get on the damn scale. I arrived a wee bit late so I had to wait until the end to get weighed. Now, Weight Watchers isn’t exactly like AA (“Hello, my name is Sharon and I’m a whale”), but we do have to go ‘round the table and talk during these meetings. I just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm or positive outlook because I was simply dreading the number I was convinced I would see at the end of the meeting. I was downright petulant.

I’d only weighed in once since returning from Colorado and I had gained 1.6 pounds at that weigh-in. It’s been about three weeks since then and not a point has been counted in that time.

I actually lost .6 pounds. I was stunned. (In fact, I got off the scale and got back on because I was positive it had malfunctioned.) That means that I’m down a total of 15 pounds since I started this time around. Of course, if I’d been exercising and following the program I would be looking at a bigger loss now, but I’m just relieved I didn’t have a bigger gain. I may actually be motivated to start working the program again.

Beginning tomorrow.

Because today?

I had a sandwich to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! My DH and I have been trying to loose weight - it seems as though whenever we eat healthy - he gains weight. When we eat junk food and take out - he looses weight. Me - I fluctuate no matter what!

Sharon said...

Fluctuation is my middle name. And everyone else in the family is thin, so I'm the only one needing to do anything about weight. Very frustrating. I am glad, though, that my kids take after their father and probably won't have the life-long battle with the scale that I've been fighting.