Thursday, April 17, 2008

'Cause one is not enough

Well, we’ve upset the cats again. Of course, that’s ridiculously easy. They’re cats. They think they rule the household and when we do something that gives them the slightest hint that that might not be the case, they tend to get upset. Like when we have the NERVE to leave town without their permission. They’re a little testy and standoffish when we get back. Just to prove we’re not the boss of them.

When the kids and I got back from our spring break vacation and I returned to work, there were copies of an e-mail posted in all of the kitchens. An e-mail with pictures of an adorable beagle who was in need of a new home. My daughter and I looked at those pictures for nearly a week before I caved and told my husband about them. He thought about it for all of a day before caving. He’s an even softer touch than I am when it comes to beagles, apparently. So the cats, who were JUST getting used to having Gus in the house, now have to put up with this:

They are not amused.

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