Saturday, February 2, 2008

Send a little bit of that global warming my way

My husband is hot. No, not THAT kind of hot. Well, I happen to think he is THAT kind of hot. But this is not THAT kind of post.

He’s like a heater. I will never have to have an electric blanket because sleeping next to my husband provides all of the heat necessary. I’m never warm in the winter. Probably explains my need to make those tied-together fleece blankets for everyone. I assume everyone needs a blankie in the winter or they’ll freeze to death watching TV in their own living rooms. I know I would if I were blankie-less.

The kids and I drove up to McCall last weekend for the annual McCall Winter Carnival. We stayed with friends in their cabin. There was LOTS of snow in McCall.

And I left my heater, er, husband at home. What was I thinking? I had to explain to the kids that there was no way I could sleep alone in the coldest room in the cabin because I was used to sleeping next to their hot dad. (EWWWW, Mom!! TMI!!!) Luckily, my daughter took pity on me and shared the double bed so I didn’t shiver my fillings loose trying to get to sleep.

And what’s with this?

I have to walk past this business every day on the way to and from the parking lot provided by my office. They don’t shovel their walk much.

I think they’re trying to drum up business.

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