Monday, February 11, 2008

Home improvement

Well, as bad as I felt, I must not have had a true Man Cold since even though I stayed home from work with a snuffley, achy, fevery illness, I still managed to do laundry, vacuum and wash dishes. No real Man Cold would have allowed anything beyond sleeping and whining.

Speaking of dishes, we recently got these dishes. I just love them. They look great with the new colors in our kitchen.

One very small problem. The dinner plate is just a wee bit too big for the standard kitchen cabinet. Which means that the cabinet door would not close completely when the dishes were placed inside it. Not really noticeable until you were standing right next to the barely open door, but it was DRIVING MY HUSBAND CRAZY.

So he emptied the entire contents of the cabinet onto the kitchen counter and proceeded to remove the cabinet from the wall so that he could add a quarter-inch of wood to the back thus rendering it deep enough for the new dishes. This involves cutting, gluing, clamping, nailing, painting and lots of waiting while stuff dries. And the entire process, no doubt, is accompanied by the requisite Tim Allen man grunts.

As you might imagine, this is not a five-minute job. Hey, it makes emptying the dishwasher much easier, though—just stack the clean dishes on top of the counter. No problem.

And it’s made for some fun times. My son, after pointing the stud finder (doesn’t that sound like something that should be issued to every girl upon obtaining maturity?) at his chest and hearing the reassuring “beep” exclaimed “Hey, it’s confirmed – I’m a stud!”

Like father, like son.

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