Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now THESE are Christmas lights

Co-worker sent the following in an e-mail:

I forwarded (of course) to my family:

Me: We SO need to do this next year.

Stepmom: Absolutely!!! You first.

Hubby: Don’t like our neighbors? And what do you mean we? I don’t remember seeing you up on that ladder this year.

Me: Well, naturally, in this case the "we" means "you." You know that!

Son: Dad, want me to get the ladder out? If we start now we might be done by next year!

For more information on the above light display, you can check out the owner’s website: Holdman Christmas Lights

1 comment:

Grammie said...

That was a really cool house, I will hopefully be posting a picture of our outside lights soon. My daughter has to take a picture. Nothing near as spectacular as that one, but my husband works hard at it and we are proud of it. I call him Clark Griswold.