Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obsessed, I tell you

Well, as much as I would like to stay out of the political fray (just ask my husband – I just about post “No Politics Zone” signs on the door before we host a Mensa event at our house because I hate it so), I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with an old friend of mine all day on the topic.

Started with an innocent “What’s up with you?” kind of e-mail that segued into the fact that he was filling in on a local radio station in a Blue State, was strangely the only host who was an Obama fan, and ended with a little rant about being sick of hearing about Ayers.

I replied:

It might be best if you and I don't discuss politics.

Now, most of the time, I would just STOP THERE so as to avoid getting into a back and forth that would have me so irritated I would have a difficult time remaining friendly.

But not this time. This whole election cycle has me worked up to the point that I am CONSTANTLY checking blogs and news sites, reading the paper even more vociferously than usual and just generally unable to tear myself away from the whole train wreck. So, I ended up sending this reply:

I personally think that the Ayers issue is very valid. Not only because of the kickoff in the guy's living room (are you disputing that?), but also because of the ongoing relationship they have had (oh, wait a minute - he was "just a guy in the neighborhood." Or maybe their kids went to school together. Oops, served on boards together. Oh and Obama just happened to publicly endorse a book by Ayers in which he is mentioned - not very close, eh? But he thought he was reformed! Gosh, must have missed it when Ayers said on 9/11 that his regret was that the Weather Undergound hadn't done more. Really not the kind of guy I'd be interested in working with). Maybe if that were the only hinky relationship. But add in Odingo, Rezko and ACORN, etc., and I'm just not too impressed with the guy. I'd probably be able to overlook that a bit more if he espoused the same beliefs I have, but I'm not a spread-the-wealth, government-should-be-in-charge-of-EVERYTHING kind of gal. Thank goodness I live in a red state. I only wish it were one with more electoral votes.

Why, precisely, are you enamored with Obama? What, besides promising HopeandChange, has he actually done?

And, really, I would be interested in hearing an answer to that question from just about anyone. Because no one seems to have one. Just what he’s going to do for us. Oh, uh, like spread the wealth? I’m kinda with Joe the Plumber on that issue.

Was there an answer? Nope. Just a lot of Bush-Cheney babble.

To which I responded:

Dude, McCain IS NOT BUSH. Was a time when the Democrats realized that fact. So what if he "wants that base." It's the freaking Republican base. How the hell else is he going to get elected? And, for what it's worth, Bush has not single-handedly gotten us into the current mess.

Response? Something about how Palin would have to shut the hell up if they were to ever have sex.


Being as he’s a radio dude, I thought he would find this interesting. Because it kind of scares me. Mostly because of where else that might lead:

No response yet.

I’ll tell you what, if the “Fairness Doctrine” is put into play again, I demand equal time every time some dumb celebrity (Pamela Anderson, I’m talking to YOU) opens his or her mouth.


Idaho Joe said...

Radio personality you're talking about wouldn't be named after someone married to Ethel would he?

I love these arguments where when you make a point that anyone would have to agree with who is not completely brain dead, they just bluster and say well, what about XXX? (Bush/Cheney/Reagan/Nixon) It's all someone elses fault.

Ow well, less than two weeks.

cwn said...

I am definitely in the trenches with you on this one. I just finished asking my successful adult daughter who is being paid by her company to get her MBA at one of the top business schools in the country.I asked her to explain to me why I should not be concerned about the potential Obama win when it comes to the economy or national security and all she could tell me was, don't worry we will all be better off 5 years from now but did not want to "argue" with me when I insisted on a simple explanation. I asked, just tell me something substantive to support your belief.Don't worry, she insisted.
This girl is off the charts intelligent and usually demonstrates a reasonable level of common sense. We had to agree not to talk about it.

Sharon said...

Leaving aside other arguments, how can anyone not view with horror the possibility of the lack of checks and balances of having a Democratic House, Senate and President? A lot of folks were unhappy solely for that reason when the Republicans held the same positions. Now that the shoe is potentially on the other foot, it's a-okay.