Friday, October 17, 2008

Not a political blog, but ...

Is this one of the most contentious election cycles we’ve ever lived through, or am I just paying more attention this time?

And I’m not talking about the negative television ads, although they are plentiful – from both sides of the spectrum at all levels of political office sought.

I’m talking about the vitriol pouring out of regular folks – verbally, in letters to the editor, on message boards and on blogs. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m noticing the contention – because I’m reading a lot more blogs this time around.

And I’m amazed to read the nasty name-calling.

Referring to folks in the audience at one of the conventions as “smiling, clapping idiots.”

Actually typing something like this: “You're even bigger losers than I thought. I can see you now, sitting there dressed in your underwear in your dirty little run-down room with the empty pizza boxes, jars of Cheez-Whiz and wrinkled copies of Playboy and Hustler, posting your ridiculous rants on-line about how much you hate Americans who work for a living and live normal lives.” And maybe even believing it.

Shouting vile things at political rallies. Wearing disgusting t-shirts.

It hurts my heart.

To the dismay of many members of my family, I’m not a religious person. But I do take “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” rather seriously. Because I think that’s the best way to get along and really the best way to behave.

I’m not averse to giving my opinion. I have one – and it’s a strong opinion.

I do, however, try to do it in a reasonable, thoughtful way. Without saying, or implying, that anyone who holds the opposite view must be a complete idiot. Because I don’t feel that way. I believe that most people have the best interests of our country at heart. Even folks who disagree with my views. We all want what’s best for America and her citizens. We just differ on the best way to accomplish that goal.

I’ll be so glad when this election is over and I can go back to being amused by bloggers who are not normally political. Naturally, I’m hoping my candidate wins the election. But I’m not threatening to leave the country, or have my head explode, or vomit on my own t*ts (as someone so crassly put it in a comment I read) if the opposition wins.

We really will muddle through the next four years no matter who is in office.


Anonymous said...

I found you via your comment on Dooce... and I totally agree. Thank you.

McCain Palin 08.

A. said...

I also saw your comment on Dooce and wanted to just say that we all have brains, but some work better than others. Look at Terry Schiavo.

Obama/Biden 08

Sharon said...

Oh, honey, you might be very surprised to learn that I don't agree with every single position my party espouses. The Terry Schiavo issue being one of them. Shall I assume that you are implying that my brain isn't working properly because of my political views? I'll alert Mensa that I should be taken off the membership list and resign my role as editor of Southern Idaho Mensa's newsletter.

BTW, that's exactly the kind of insult I was talking about in my post. I'm going to assume that you, too, want what's best for America - even though you're clearly not voting the same way I am. I'd appreciate it if you would return the favor.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you among those leaving negative/snarky comments?

Sharon said...

Did you actually read my comment? My one and only comment on Dooce's blog, in response to comment after comment accusing conservatives (and women in particular) who support McCain/Palin of being just plain idiotic was this:

I have a uterus and a brain. And I'm voting for McCain/Palin.

If you'd like to characterize that as negative/snarky, feel free. However, you might want to compare it to the vast majority of comments left by both sides of the aisle first.

Had I said something along the lines of "Unlike you, I have a brain," I would understand you considering it negative. I was simply countering accusations that all conservatives must be idiots.

Alex said...

I'm over here from Rachel Lucas' blog based on her hearty recommendation. I have to say that this cycle is slightly worse then previous ones in terms of sheer nastiness from the left mostly. If this breaks your heart, well prepare for even worse over the next 4 years as we descend into outright fascism.

Larry said...

Luckily, The Presidency makes the man, not the other way around.

Idaho Joe said...

I agree that lots of people from both sides of the political spectrum seem to be leaving these nasty notes in blog comments, or just posting about the idiocy of the other side. I'm what would probably be called an "extreme conservative" but it takes quite a bit to make me want to call someone else a name on the internet, especially the kind of talk that would get you a punch in the nose in real life.

I remember when I was a kid, they used to show us a cartoon in school that featured Goofy. He was a very nice fellow, until he got behind the wheel of his car, and then he became a real jerk.
And that was before someone coined the phrase "road rage."

Someone needs to make a cartoon showing Goofy at the keyboard.

Also, I can attest to the intelligence of our humble blogger. She's ever so much smarter than the average bear.