Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rambling: Lengthy and digressive

Met up with some wonderful ladies last night thanks to the IAm A Derfwad Summer Tour 2012.  Since Mrs. G threatened to is planning on putting the URL to this-here blog on her own much more widely read website, I figured I should actually put up a new post.  Not just for Derfs, but for all of you followers who have been bereft at my lack of posting lately.  *Snort*

Carrying on – it was quite nice to go out for the evening.  I tend to be kind of a homebody during the work week and even when I’m not, it’s extremely rare that I venture anywhere more exciting than the grocery store without my husband or a teenager or two in tow.  And while I really enjoy family time and am ever-so-grateful that I have both a husband and teenagers willing to spend time with me, it was splendid to get together with someone new.

Splendid for me, that is.  I can’t speak to the experience the other gals had.  Because a small amount of adult beverage was consumed by yours truly and I’m sure there was some rather rambling story-telling going on.  I tend to ramble at the best of times – add tequila and I’m sure there were some stories that didn’t actually have endings, or maybe even beginnings.  Or perhaps too many beginnings.  Where was I going with that anyway? 

I cannot recall the last time I was actually completely toasted.  Maybe my Dad’s wake?  There just aren’t many occasions when alcohol is appropriate in my life.  I’m not opposed for any reason – the whole Five Wives Vodka brouhaha was quite amusing – I’d just rather have a good strawberry lemonade if the opportunity arises.  And those who have to listen to my stories are very grateful for that.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Hello, fellow Derf! I'm so happy to see a photo of a meet-up on the trip! I'm the last stop and I'm sure Heather will be exhausted by then, but that's okay, I can find her house easily. :) Now I have to go click a few links...
Happy summer!

Kate said...

Hi! Visiting from Derfwad Manor. YAAAY! Glad you made the beginning of Mrs G's trip happy.