Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Last August, I took a trip to Colorado to visit family and join them for the burial of my Dad's ashes (why, yes, it has been over two years since he died - but that's the way we roll). I had a car full of kids - my son, my niece (who is now living with us until she graduates from high school in 2012), a former exchange student of ours and another former exchange student who, while she wasn't officially "ours" became ours when her original family asked her to move out at the end of the school year. So now we claim her.

Whilst perusing the map for the trip home, I realized that I'd be driving quite close to Arches National Park (taking the scenic route home to Idaho from Colorado since we took the faster route through Wyoming on the way there). After polling the car to make sure everyone was okay with arriving back home in the wee hours of the morning, I took a detour down to the park. Well, I'm not the most fabulous map reader in the world and it looked to me like exiting Highway 70 on 128 would get us to the park just about as fast as if we drove a bit further on 70 and exited on 191. WRONG!

I think that little detour added at least a couple of hours, if not more, to our trip as 128 was a narrow, winding road for much of the way. On the other hand, I doubt that I'll ever go to Arches without driving on 128 because it was so very, very beautiful.

For miles and miles, the road passes along the Colorado River through an area filled with sheer red cliffs and wonderful rock formations. It took us an especially long time to get to our destination because every time we drove around another bend, we would all gasp in amazement and have to stop for a photo. The views would leave an ordinary person speechless.

But not me, as you can tell from my inability to provide a wordless post!


Anonymous said...

It's strange for people who complain suddenly but not to you. I have had a co-worker who did that and I was confused and hurt for the longest time because in my heart, I thought we were friends.

It turns out after talking to other people from our office that she does that quite a bit. She'll be really nice to you and befriend you and all of a sudden, the switch flips and you're her arch enemy.

It took a lot of time but I've come to terms with it. Sometimes it's just the person and nothing you can do about it.

GothBarbie said...

There is something about the rock formations in Sedona, AZ and New Mexico that amaze and enthrall me - now I want to drive this road and see the rocks you saw!