Thursday, March 19, 2009

I know he misses her, but this is ridiculous

We all miss our sailor girl. My son misses her. Our exchange student misses her. Her friends miss her. My husband and I miss her.

But do we yowl about it every night? No. We do not.

Morton isn't a really friendly cat. In fact, he can be rather standoffish - especially with strangers.

But oh, how he loves my daughter.

And EVERY SINGLE NIGHT SINCE SHE LEFT we have been serenaded with a veritable cat yowl concerto in C minor.

Or something like that.

He has the courtesy to go downstairs before he starts his yowling, so at least he's not right in my face with his little kitty broken heart.

But the yowling goes on. If he wasn't a boy, I'd think he was in heat. It's THAT kind of obnoxious yowling. Then he'll come back upstairs, hop up on the bed next to me and meow right at me for a bit.

OMG, what I wouldn't give for ONE NIGHT of silence.

The other night he headed downstairs and commenced with cat yowl concerto, apparently unaware that our beagle had not yet retired for the evening.

Yowling begins. Joined by a bit of howling. So, now we have a very short duet of animal noise.

Morton headed back upstairs rather rapidly, then joined us on the bed. All calm - like "Hey, I really intended to sing a duet this evening." If you have a cat, you know the routine. They NEVER admit to being startled in the slightest. They were ALWAYS in total control of the situation.

All I know is that if he doesn't start controlling his vocal cords, we may well discover whether cat tastes like chicken soon.