Sunday, November 2, 2008

Old fogie

Have you ever seen the movie The Big Chill? You know how the Kevin Kline character is stuck in the past musically - pretty much listening only to music he listened to in college?

Well, I'm married to his brother. Or at least it feels that way.

Our kids can instantly tell who is singing pretty much any oldie on the radio. And there are pop quizzes from their dad. "Who's singing this?" "The Mammas and the Pappas" or "AC/DC"

Now, they do like to listen to modern music (though, thankfully, neither one of them is into rap or rap-like music). And I also enjoy music that was released in the last decade.

But whenever we're listening to a CD that was released any time after the kids were born, my husband's usual response is "What is this crap?"

He also has issues with the way today's fashions appear to be just goin' right down the ol' tube.

So, that sets up the following conversation during Saturday Night Live's musical guest's performance last night:

Husband: "I guess I don't understand today's style. He should take a bath, comb his hair, shave ..."

Me: "Tuck his shirt in."

Husband: "The least he can do is get some nice clothes ..."

Son: "And a powdered wig."


Miranda Wampler said...

LOL A powdered wig

Idaho Joe said...

Smart mouth kids.

But really, what's the deal? 3 day growth of beard and hair standing on end. On national television. Next thing you know they'll be wearing hats in the house for crying out loud.