Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Driving and cars

Conversation in the car on the way to school/work:

Son: Cover the brake, cover the brake.

Me: What?

Son: You’re going downhill and there’s a light – cover the brake.

Me: My foot is fast. I don’t have to cover the brake.

Son and daughter in unison, sounding horrified: YOU DON’T COVER THE BRAKE?!?!?!

I love driving lessons from my kids. By the way, the light was green and there were no cars in front of me for quite a ways. I think I was relatively safe not covering the brake at that particular moment.

While walking to the parking lot at the end of the day, my daughter and I saw the strangest little car. I have no idea what it was, but it looked like a roller skate with a large man stuffed inside. It was TINY. I’m sure it was an environmentally friendly electrical car or something, but I’d be scared of being SMASHED LIKE A BUG in an accident (and not from lack of brake covering). My daughter and I determined that the car must belong to the man’s wife. Not only was it teeny tiny and funny looking, but the license plate read: SO CUTE. Yeah, no guy would have that license plate.

And speaking of license plates, what is this one all about?


Yummy baby bones? Soft baby buns? Any guesses? ‘Cause it’s driving me crazy.


val said...

baby buns creeps me does baby bones....yikes.
maybe they mean baby buns as in bunnies?
I love the conversation .....we have those at our house too.........too funny!

blahblah said...

BBYBNZ is probably some really hard to pronounce foreign name, or a really embarrassing English name ;)

I saw that car with the SO CUTE license plate today, and thought of you :)